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July 6, 2007
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Con Rit by Rasec-Wizzlbang Con Rit by Rasec-Wizzlbang
"One of the most mysterious of the many cryptids of Southeast Asia is the aquatic con rit. Found in the oceans off Indochina, the con rit has been the cause of much curiosity in the cryptozoological community. "Con rit" is the name given to the creature by Vietnamese natives. In that language it means "centipede" or "millipede", which fits the creature's strange description.
The most remarkable evidence for the existence of the con rit comes from a Mr. Tran Van Con, who reportedly discovered and touched a dead, beached con rit on the shore of Along Bay Vietnam in 1883. It was a remarkable sixty feet long and three feet wide, dark brown on top and yellow below. The body was made of chitinous segments three feet wide and two feet long. These segments were hexagonal in shape, with a 2'4" filament protruding from both sides of each segment. The tail segment was similar, but two extra filaments protruded from the bottom corner of the hexagon. When Mr. Tran Van Con touched the segments, they were hard and produced a metallic sound, similar to the sound produced by the shell of a horseshoe crab. Unfortunately the head of the creature was missing.
The Con Rit bears a striking resemblance to the Oriental dragons of ancient legend. Described as long, serpentine creatures with tough hides and many fins, faces bristling with tentacle-like whiskers, the dragons of Southeast Asia can be found in deep sea caverns and are usually benevolent. It is possible that such legends are based on ancient sightings of living con rits, and indeed it is said that a very con rit-like creature once swam up the Bay of Tonkin in ancient times.
Noted cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans believes that the con rit, if it exists, is a form of archaic whale, stating that several early cetaceans possessed similar plating. He cites it as the cause of many sea serpent sightings around the world's tropical seas and has formally designated it as Cetioscolopendra aeliani. However, a far more sensible view of the creature is that of cryptozoologist Karl Shuker, who believes that the con rit is an invertebrate, perhaps a gigantic isopod or an undiscovered form of aquatic chilopoda."
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Karl Shuker added this as an Addenum to Heuvelman's list.

So in my opinion, it exists.
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I really hope it exists, I really want to see one.
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holy crap, i never noticed how good this was until i just fullviewed it. not saying that it wasnt awewome before...
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An awesome rendition of the Con-Rit :D
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Very nice, especially for those of us who also subscribe to the "giant crustacean" theory. I'm not seeing its entry on anymore, though.
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hm. Yeah, I heard them complaining about how the gallery is only for actual photos.
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thats awesome. interesting too. looks like some kick ass monster boss from a video game. lol
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I think the boss of the lake bed temple in Twilight Princess was something Similar.
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